Online Marketing services


E-commerce is on an all time rising spree and is increasingly growing in size. As internet is growing so is the trend of online marketing. Most brands now prefer to be a part of the online business place so that they can make use of this popular medium to enhance their business.

So we at eMagination have come to offer our services to organizations who need to create their own space and brand in the virtual world with our specific services to help you gain the attention & popularity in the online arena!

We create some reasonable, effective special packages for social media solutions for your business, starting from Rs.10,000 onwards depending on your requirements which could include any of the below services:

  • Online brand positioning
  • Social media marketing – via facebook, Linkedin, twitter, etc
  1. Facebook page management – includes posts, contests & content managment
  2. Facebook advertising for increased reach & Circulation
  3. Linked-in profile management
  4. Twitter management
  5. Other tools management – pinterest, reddit, etc
  • Search engine optimization via google adwords
  • Content management – on blogs & other relevant areas.
  • Review & Rating management,
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, blogs;
  • Blogger Associations & Participation meets and much more.
  • Reputation/Image management – highlighting your positives online & bypassing the negative feedback, comments or reviews on your business.  Helping you create the right image for your organization online.

To know more of avail any of our above mentioned services, please write to us on or call us on +91 9820900554


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