What is “Visual appeal” ?

Content is an essential factor for the success of any product. But often visual appeal is the influential factor as to decide whether a client/customer to see the product or services provided by a company.

Visual appeal sometimes work wonders for any business. Study shows often consumers buy products which they like than which they need. Visual appeal can drive any customer to purchase a product or service today.

Citing a simple example, Have you noticed that sometimes the most popular fashion model or person in your college/school/workplace is not a the best looking but there is something that makes them a head turner, we identify that skill or quality as charm, personality, x-factor, charisma, etc which in today’s terms can be called as “visual appeal”.

Let me put it simply for you, if you are looking at a poster of a clothing brand – and the image is of a fat woman, with flab bulging out from every corner, a dull color of the background and not a very appealing nude face, imagine the picture to be a front shot clicked by a horrible photographer – more like a full length passport photograph. No matter how good the quality of the product may eventually be, I am sure you would still be left with a bad taste after a good look of such a poster.

Now on the contrary, imagine a beautiful, sleek woman, with the face may or may not being visible in an angular black and white sharp shot highlighting the beauty of the fabric,I am sure this would intrigue you to have another look at the picture, or remember it. Such a picture does not turn into a masterpiece just by picking the correct model for the shoot, but many other elements like – connectivity with your brand, the look and feel of the image, right kinda of lighting, styling, and a correct photographer,when put together creates a visual appeal for everyone who looks at the image.
This visual appeal is not applicable to just pictures but to logos,website designs, product designs, store layouts, models, clothing patterns, hoardings,advertisements, facebook pages etc.
The right kind of visual appeal can either make or break you brand. It’s a statement you create with your product which is beyond expensive budgets of advertising and PR.
In fact visual appeal is an integral part of your product content and product development, obviously the extend of it’s importance changes according to your product type.
There are some people who know exactly what will look right and where.
Of course the entire judgement need loads of experience
visually,personally , professionally , commercially and aesthetically to get it right. But once you know that a person knows his job he works as an asset to your company/brand. A Visual designer works as a third person feedback mechanism, since he can see more brands like yours in all equality, and make suitable comparisons to suggest the best.

Hence a good visual merchandiser/designer or an agency capable of providing this solution will be a prized a possession/asset to any brand as they could control how a brand is percieved and accepted in the commercial markets.

Hope this intrigues the readers to pay more attention to their brand/product’s visual appeal and invest in a a service that can help them create great brands!


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