Why hire a corporate/marketing communications consultant??

Corporate communications involves getting a company’s message out to its stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers, the media and public –  in a variety of formats, from its website & social media presence to investor  presentations and advertising.

Similarly, Integrated marketing communication is, loosely, the concept of integrating all outbound and inbound marketing-related communications to ensure a unified  message and image. Integrated marketing communications involves close  cooperation among social media, email, and search marketers within a company,  along with PR and other marketing staff, as well as external agencies. The goal  is to ensure that all marketing communications consistently convey compatible  messages without contradicting the company’s overall message.

A basic job description of a Corporate/marketing communication professional requires the following skills:

• Marketing • Being sociable, honest and amenable • Networking • Negotiating • Presentation and communication • Being professional, confident and ambitious • Research • Analytical thinking • Planning to meet deadlines • Information technology

However, when hiring in India at any level for the above roles, we face many critical challenges. To begin with, at junior level we cannot expect the candidate to have the end to end knowledge in this field as this area of business education is still growing and has not got the position of a main stream career, hence the educational courses available for the same are very limited at bothe graduate & post graduate level.

The best qualification your candidate can come with is either a marketing degree or a mass communication degree; a combination of both is rare, and is like asking for too much!!!

But since the role is a dynamic overlap of both marketing & mass communication, both are needed. Mostly professionals in this field are from either of the above backgrounds and have learnt their way to expertise with time.

But this expertise is gained after a lot of experience and exposure in the required role. Sometimes organisations take the option of hiring internally (internal job postings) anyone with interest in the role. Which proves to be a good move if the candidate has a knack to understand & learn as needed, but if not there is a lot at stake, which is realised post wastage of enough finances and efforts along with a damaged brand image!!

Corporate/marketing communications is a role that gives and needs immense exposure & experience. This role gives one an overall understanding in PR, Media, Advertising, Branding, Internal Communication and Event Management.

Since all of them are quite colorful & glittering areas of work most people use this as an opportunity to eventually join companies that do hard-core work in any of the above areas.

So eventually the people who stay in the same role of a Corporate/marketing communications professional  for years are either not blessed with the knack of creating the magic or chose not to, because the rest of the bunch of real heroes quit the line and move to greener pastures – like moving from clients side to agencies or a freelancer profile.

So in the end there is a dearth created for great marketing/corporate communication professionals, hence a need arises to hire the right people for this job. Even if not as a part of their organisation, one can choose to hire professionals as service providers.

In simple words outsource their corporate/marketing communication requirements, to agencies or freelancers with suitable experience and exposure in the field along with a third person critical views and feedback on very aspect of the communication.

Also this method turns out to be very cost-effective and convenient since the talent is hired on a project basis or for limited time frame.

The accountability is higher as both the client and the vendor are aware with lack of promised quality they both could harm the association for good.

Along with the above, the creative freedom given to the professional to think out of the box is much higher hence the result are better, they are also up to date with market trends, competition levels and new innovations, which works as a boon for organisations, who would otherwise have to pay a bomb to hire someone with similar qualities, but can now choose to get such people on board on a project basis and get the best for their brand.

Therefore, if you are finding your organisation or brand in a situation wherein you could do much better with and experienced professional help, reach out and get the best people on board!

Have no fear, your communications consultant is here 🙂


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