Sponsorship initiative by eMagination


Being a sponsor for an event, exhibition or seminar is the best mode to advertise, brand, market your business and to capture attention of your target audience while using many other factors to retaining their attention.
For example if alone you see a telecom brand called “Xyz” posters the brand recall wouldnt be high as there would be nothing striking in that poster for masses to remember, however if the poster said “Xyz” presents Amitabh Bachhan live, you are bound to notice the brand and remember this association for a longer time.
However in India sponsorships are given to the kind of events or programs who approach brands first or know the right people directly. In this process sometimes brands end up sponsoring acts or campaigns that may hold no relevance to their business and not even get them the right kind of exposure. And this happens because the brand was convinced well that this may be their best option to associate with.
Perhaps we feel this model of sponsorship acquiring should evolve a little to create a best suited opportunity for both the brand and the organiser too. According to us it serves better to share an upcoming event info on a common platform and let brands come forward if they feel the event concept is something suitable for their brand to associate with. Once we identify the brands keen on that project the pitching can start. This ways we save time, effort and also make this an effective method to find the right sponsor for the right event by sparking a slight competition amongst brands.
Hence as our initiative we are starting to invite sponsors for our events or events in our knowledge Inviting sponsors and make it easier for both ends of the industry to find what they are looking for.

To sponsor any of the events we have you could drop us a mail on info@emagination.in or call on +91 9820900554 and we shall share all details of the event sponsorship proposal with you, and even keep you posted with the Upcoming ones!

Event organisers, incase you need assistance in finding sponsors for your events do write to us on info@emagination.in with you event details and we shall give that extra helping hand!

For latest updates on us check out : https://emaginationpune.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/latest-news-updates/


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