Fashion choreography & backstage management


These days Fashion choreography and Backstage management are the essential parts of entertainment shows and these are the new services provided by eMagination.

After the great rise of the fashion weeks it’s trending to have a runway show for every big entertainment occasion. Fashion choreography is a great area to create the magic with the designer wear, the runway decor, music, creatively choreographed sequences to envelope the audience with the “WOW” factor.
And For that kind of fashion choreography we have experienced talent on board to provide the best inputs for your show. See this for more details on our on board fashion choreographer.

Our second favorite is the back stage. Back stage is the most happening area of an event, if you have ever noticed the frenzy and craziness backstage you would have realised that those people are the real show makers. They handle the most stressful area of the show.
This job needs impeccable timing and coordination to make sure everything happens well, and happens when it is supposed to.
You need a task master to have everything under control and have a detailed understanding of all the on floor/stage activities.

To assist you with your shows and we have expert services available for only show/backstage management.
So if you have a show and you need a team to only assist you with your backstage/on ground management, just drop us a line on
or just call us on +91 9820900554.

Have a great show!


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