Be online responsibly!

So we think in this era of internet and a lot of information floating, there is a lot you have access to and little to control.
Well we don’t!
Its understood there is a lot happening but our reaction and control over it is just as same as our reaction towards global warming. Think about it , you or me are not really living on that ice glacier that’s melting but yet it affects you in more ways than you can think of.Hence you make effort and do your bit to contribute in controlling global warming.
Similarly what you promote, share or be a medium to propagate on the internet affects you too so it’s not important to have control over all of it but just important to do your bit.

Why we decided to talk about this was due to a small incident that happened on facebook.
one of our friends shared a post on how samsung paid apple 1bn $ in the form of 5 cents sent over 18 trucks to Apples office. Well after reading that post it made us want to check if this is true or not, as it did NOT sound like such a big brand that samsung is to do something so childlike.
So we searched and came across news pieces telling us that this was a hoax and nothing like this ever happened, bottom line Samsung did not pay apple 1bn$ in 5 cents currency.
But this news definitely got the buzz going.

Strange, so it made us wonder what about the other posts, links and information that floats from one computer to another without anyone checking if there is any truth in it.
Sometimes sharing bogus info could tamper with your image/credibility as well as you would be known as a bogus info sharer :p
Sound prejudiced but our whole point is – pay a little attention , spend a little time to see what message you are putting out there, is it for real or just a bogus gimmick to seek audience.

Hoaxes wouldn’t travel too far if you and me are alert and shut them down just when they started.

Take charge of the information that comes to you – think, google it up & check before you send or share a chain mail, a news piece, fake job offers, or fake lottery wins, smses or forwards giving rise to nothing but gossip/superstitions or damage – unless of course you believe in it yourself.
Be the evangelist and encourage others to support facts and make the online space safer and more informative.

Lets make this world a better place not just with what we do in our lives but also include our online activity.

Be online responsibly!


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