Facebook page management Tips for your business.

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Facebook is one of the most popular tools in social media. Many tools have come & gone but the impact facebook made across the world, has been incredible & ever growing! Almost everyone you or I know, is already here. Which creates a huge platform for businesses to interact with their current & future customers directly, one on one.

Since facebook gives everyone a huge platform there are some things to be kept in mind when working on the page management of your business.

Because with great exposure comes great responsibility & great competition.
Below we have listed down some do’s & dont’s for your business’s page on FB:

  1. Get on Facebook, its a pool of opportunities for your business, don’t think too much.
  2. Be generally active on facebook to understand what kind of posts/info is popular and what’s getting sidelined.
  3. Be ready to devote time & attention for your page management, if not yours then hire an agency to do that for you.
  4. Post information on your page often, but in a periodic manner, neither too often nor too late.
  5. Do not flood your page with irrelevant posts.
  6. You can post once a week, and your post can be so rich in content/info that it travels across facebook throughout the week, because of its relevant & exciting content.
  7. Pay attention to your page’s content. Every post should be so YOU. It should reflect your brand image/identity, to make it easy for your fan to associate with your brand.
  8. Be careful of the language you use. It needs to be grammatically correct and should sound like your company’s.
  9. Do not post information that is not true or can raise false alarms, this can be hazardous for your business’s image.
  10. If you are using pictures or images from public forums, do mention in credits or source, to maintain your page’s intergrity.
  11. Facebook is often considered a casual platform of online communication, hence the content used by business pages needs to be carefully managed. It needs to be fun, interesting, intriguing, but withing the social limits of your business’s image.
  12. Avoid profanity of any form, even in conversations or comments posted by your fans.
  13. Indulge in direct interactions with your fans, through messages, comments or likes.
  14. Respond positively to a negative response/comment. Don’t shy away from negative feedback; if there is a genuine fan who has spared a moment to tell you where you lack & what you need to improve in you business. Accept it, appreciate it & act on it.
    The faster you respond to his feedback & fix the problem the higher will you score on your business responsiveness.
  15. Use your page’s Voice(the “use as” or “voice” option you see if you are admin of a page on the top right corner of your FB page) and do some activity daily on facebook for example – like pages of other businesses, comment on pictures, like posts or other content. This increases your visibility.
  16. Even if you have an agency doing all of the above for you, its advisable for you to have the basic know how of facebook in general & your page. Feed the agency often with your thoughts and ideas.
  17. Use the facebook ads feature, often it gets complicated for a basic facebook user to use this feature wisely and in cost effective manner because of the constant monitoring required for best response. So, If you have the time and skill to do this on your own, do indulge in this starting your ads with basic amounts to initiate activity on your page or particular post chosen by you. This is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your page with chosen constraints like city/country locations, age groups, and interests.
  18. When you are deciding on which agency to hire for you business’s FB management; do check for their – credentials, Content used so far for other clients, Costing, Service model, and Overall understanding of facebook. Post a discussion, you should feel that – the agency knows/understands facebook better than you & your staff! Only then hire them.

Last but not the least, we at eMagination do all of the above & much more.

So, if you need any help with your business’s facebook page management please reach out to us on info@emagination.in  or +91 9820900554.

Happy facebooking!



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