Wedding ideas by eMagination

Our wedding posts are getting popular by the day, hence it became imperative for us to keep the tempo going and fueling the fire with some creative wedding ideas we have come up with!

So, if you are planning a wedding, we are here to help you with some clues on the latest trends & color ideas for your special day! Hope they inspire you enough to go and try something from here!

Wedding idea#1 : Tangerine/Orange

Its vibrant, fresh and exciting. If you love the color, You can do so much with your decor, invites, clothing & much more.

Wedding idea #2 : Purple Lavender, Violet
There is so much you can do with this color, match it with some white, some gold, or bright yellow.
Its a color of richness and depth.

Wedding idea #3 : Go Green. The color of prosperity, nature, mehendi & goodness.
Match it with some of white, some gold, or bright pink, for decor, invites,center pieces, give aways & much more. You could go an extra mile by using only recycled paper on the invites or save the dates.

Wedding idea #4 : Bling Gold

No wedding is complete without this one. You can see it anywhere & everywhere, somehow the most apt color in Indian weddings & it looks FAB!
Match it with some of white, some red, or royal blue; for decor, invites, center pieces, clothing, give aways & much more. Go ahead, add the bling!.

Wedding idea #5 : Pink

Every girls favorite and if you love this color you have all the reasons to use it the way you like on your wedding day. Use it subtle, use it bright. The choice is yours! Team it up with some cream, peach for a sober look or you can team it up with some bright orange or royal blue or parrot green for it to look jhataak & festive!

Wedding idea #6 : classic giveaways

No wedding is complete without a special giveaway to your special guests! it can be anything that stays as a memorabilia of the beautiful moments spent at your wedding. Thanking them for their presence on your special day.

Here are some things we found, and couldn’t resist sharing.


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