Why hire a Wedding manager?


Celebration, clothes, food, flowers, chaos, colors, relatives, ceremonies, gifts, guests, stress, sentiments and much more; this is how one sums up the term “Wedding”.  In the true Indian sense a wedding is the event of not just a person’s life but his entire family’s too. Hence the kind of preparations to be made to make this a memorable one, are endless. A wedding manager helps you plan, prepare and execute the critical elements of your wedding be it your decor, venue, food, guest management and a lot more. The wedding management industry has evolved into a very systematic, vast and professional one, leading to a process oriented approach to make the best memories of the biggest event of your life.

A Wedding manager can be hired for a wedding of any budget or scale as long as you have the need for one!

Below are some pointers to highlight the benefits of hiring one and making your job easier.

  1. Third eye view : A wedding  manager helps you have a third eye view on the latest trends, market prices and feasibility of execution of your wedding plans. Because he/she belongs to this industry and has hand on experience & knowledge of the wedding culture. They also provide you their perspective/expertise on your plans as a value addition. This comes in handy for getting the best value for money and high quality of event.
  2. Personal management: Weddings are a personal affair, and cannot be treated as a business contract. You need to add a personal touch to everything like inviting your guests, the gifts, the hospitality the reminders the ceremonies. hence the host needs to be mentally stress free to add his personal touch to everything, if he/she happens to be bogged down by the zillion arrangements to be made he is left only stressed and misses out on enjoying this occasion. Therefore a wedding manager helps to organize and prioritize your responsibilities for the event and help you manage the remaining tasks where you are needed the most. this is done by a team of professionals who can for example, send personalized messages, calls on your behalf, handle RSVP and do much more.
  3. Stress Management: Since weddings are a personal affair involving families and  prestige, the pressure of having everything done beautifully and as planned is very high. Stress is obviously brewing all the time but not for the host as a wedding manager takes it under his scope of work and overlooks the entire planning, procuring and execution process, letting the family & loved ones thoroughly enjoy every moment of the wedding.
  4. Detailing: For every ceremony, event or action thorough detailing is done by the team to avoid last-minute glitches, like the color of flowers or the center pieces or your giveaways, hence there is always a team overlooking each element which otherwise is a tough task to manage alone by the host family like the decor, guest list, food, stay etc.
  5. Overall in charge: You as a host have this great benefit to hold somebody accountable for the entire execution and this is a big relief as you would not have to deal with stuck up vendors, hotel managers and waste time in case of any on ground disagreements etc. You have a team in charge to help you run your event smoothly.

So, if the above pointers are what you a looking for, go hire a wedding manager!


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