Online Marketing ideas for individuals


 Online marketing is roaring through all your websites and networks across the world. Every big brand is launching itself on the internet to make the most of this fabulous opportunity, to be able to showcase everything they can be or do. Just like every brand or company can milk this chance to be exposed to millions of people, every individual talent has that chance too.

However the rules of the game need to be different to make the most of this platform.So here we have some ideas for the individual talent looking forward to use online marketing to their benefit.

  1. Write/blog more : Being an individual you have lesser restrictions than a company to follow when you come online. You can be witty, funny, serious or creative kind of personality online; and what you write will depict that here. So make sure you write more online on your blog specifying what you did, doing or plan to do in reference to your talent or work. Write articles, post pictures, videos or even feedback from your customers. It’s best to have less static data on your website ( that is if you have one) and more dynamic information instead.
  2. Use social media wisely: Social media networks are like mini trailers  or teasers of you work that intrigue your fans to know more about you & your work, so keep it that ways. Don’t indulge in self obsession, demeaning/criticizing comments or posts for your competitors or unnecessary information sharing, instead capitalize on a sincere artist kind of image who just wants to share what he does.
  3. Build your online image/brand: Be clear what kind of online profile you wish to have. once you decide that build content around it. Be as yourself as you can be but remember the key is credible originality!
  4. Bring people to you: make your posts interactive, tie up with friends pages and sites, try to get featured where ever possible. Link your social media sites to your blog so that your fans can read more about you on the blog and see more on your social media.
  5. Contact info: Make sure you specify clearly the services you provide and have contact email or number. However don’t be overtly accessible it kinda makes you lose your charm here!
  6. Don’t go overboard with self marketing: Don’t mention too often “call me” or “email me” messages they are a kinda turn off to your possible customers. instead be subtle with your message. better still if you have friends or family recommending you for the same. It works better. Also it wont harm you to request them to do so.
  7. Analyze & rebuild your image regularly: Along the way, you need to often revisit your online popularity growth and see what is working for you and what you need to rebuild or change to get better. Ask for honest feedback from your friends, clients, fans and colleagues and use it positively!
  8. Hire an expert to plan the way forward: Once you hit your benchmark in online popularity, use the expertise of an online marketing professional to guide you in social media marketing & search engine optimization tools like ad words and ads. Also to help you  analyze, build and grow your business and services scope online; because he would have a better knowledge of the platform and better ideas to help you reach out to more consumers.

Hope this helps you create a launch pad for yourself on the internet and take you to new heights!


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  1. Reblogged this on Plan My Day and commented:
    An interesting article for Independent professionals/ Individuals to make sure their online presence graph is on the rise up! And specially in these times, where online marketing is a necessity, the tips provided in here will definitely help an individual in the process and to create a brand for themselves and/or their work.


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