eBN Meet-up for April/Pune

Have a business? Want a platform to showcase your services or products? Then step up & join in a strong, reliable business referral platform with EBN. EBN - eMagination business networking is credible, interactive common platform for Start-ups, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs/Directors across industries, & press/media personnel to interact, to refe recommen and have... Continue Reading →


eBN – eMagination Business Networking Forum

With the business culture expanding across Pune, increasing the stakes for the business owners & customers too; we have a dire need to build a strong, reliable referral and information sharing system. Yet again eMagination takes the lead to create such a forum that is credible, interactive common platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, HR/Admin professionals,... Continue Reading →

Launching, Our 1st Online Magazine – ‘eMag’

Guess what??? After developing a large viewership through our website, Social media channels and email interactions with over 5 lakh people across India, we figured we have a great reach that could not just help us but also help many entrepreneurs & business owners as well. So we have decided to Launch our very own,... Continue Reading →

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