Why hire a Wedding manager?

Celebration, clothes, food, flowers, chaos, colors, relatives, ceremonies, gifts, guests, stress, sentiments and much more; this is how one sums up the term "Wedding".  In the true Indian sense a wedding is the event of not just a person's life but his entire family's too. Hence the kind of preparations to be made to make... Continue Reading →


Why Online marketing?

Do you know how many people use the internet today? Well the world Internet stats say, in total there are 2,267,233,742 users as on 31st Dec'11 and out of that 44.8% only from Asia. Can you imagine the reach of this tool for your business? Well if you can't it's time you do. Internet is... Continue Reading →

Why hire a corporate/marketing communications consultant??

Corporate communications involves getting a company's message out to its stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers, the media and public -  in a variety of formats, from its website & social media presence to investor  presentations and advertising. Similarly, Integrated marketing communication is, loosely, the concept of integrating all outbound and inbound marketing-related communications to ensure a... Continue Reading →

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