eBN Meet-up for April/Pune

Have a business? Want a platform to showcase your services or products? Then step up & join in a strong, reliable business referral platform with EBN. EBN - eMagination business networking is credible, interactive common platform for Start-ups, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs/Directors across industries, & press/media personnel to interact, to refe recommen and have... Continue Reading →


Online Marketing ideas for individuals

 Online marketing is roaring through all your websites and networks across the world. Every big brand is launching itself on the internet to make the most of this fabulous opportunity, to be able to showcase everything they can be or do. Just like every brand or company can milk this chance to be exposed to... Continue Reading →

Why hire a corporate/marketing communications consultant??

Corporate communications involves getting a company's message out to its stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers, the media and public -  in a variety of formats, from its website & social media presence to investor  presentations and advertising. Similarly, Integrated marketing communication is, loosely, the concept of integrating all outbound and inbound marketing-related communications to ensure a... Continue Reading →

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