Social Media Marketing tips for Entrepreneurs

Social media is a great avenue for brands to start listening and then interact directly with their consumers. It has become one of the " essentials" in our personal lives as well as our business lives. It is a very cost-effective approach, time saving, wide-spread and an easy way to promote your brand. First time... Continue Reading →


Wedding ideas by eMagination

Our wedding posts are getting popular by the day, hence it became imperative for us to keep the tempo going and fueling the fire with some creative wedding ideas we have come up with! So, if you are planning a wedding, we are here to help you with some clues on the latest trends &... Continue Reading →

Wedding management by eMagination

As the wedding season is approaching at the speed of light we couldn't resist talking about it. There is always a kind of excitement, joy and anticipation in the air at weddings. Whether its the. Shopping, the guests,the food, the music or the surrounding, everything makes the wedding that experience which takes you away to... Continue Reading →

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