Weddings by eMagination on FB

Hey! Hey! We now have an exclusive address on Facebook, A page especially made for an easy access of all Wedding related updates, information, services, ideas, trends, contests & photo stories, and a lot more! As you know we professionally provide for, plan, manage and execute weddings of all sizes, exclusivity and traditions, hence we... Continue Reading →


Why hire a Wedding manager?

Celebration, clothes, food, flowers, chaos, colors, relatives, ceremonies, gifts, guests, stress, sentiments and much more; this is how one sums up the term "Wedding".  In the true Indian sense a wedding is the event of not just a person's life but his entire family's too. Hence the kind of preparations to be made to make... Continue Reading →

Wedding ideas by eMagination

Our wedding posts are getting popular by the day, hence it became imperative for us to keep the tempo going and fueling the fire with some creative wedding ideas we have come up with! So, if you are planning a wedding, we are here to help you with some clues on the latest trends &... Continue Reading →

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